TW: spousal abuse, but not the way you’re thinking. Please read the introduction in the preview.

“I know who you were then,” he said into her hair. “And I know who you are now. And I like you just fine.”

Sam Fielding has never needed anyone, and she doesn’t plan on starting now—not her annoying siblings, and certainly not the man she meets years after ignoring him and his kind all through high school.

Ty Cavanaugh just wants his kids to feel safe and to have some kind of relationship with their unpredictable and impulsive mother. But every time she comes back into their life, she hurts them, and Ty is getting to the end of his patience. He certainly doesn’t need the mean girl from high school coming into his life and upending all his promises not to think about his own needs.

But when Ty’s ex-wife tries to kidnap the kids and then attacks him at a school event, it’s Sam who protects his family. It’s Sam who steps up and takes them on her journey back to New Mexico to get away from Julia. Could it be Sam who, despite her past and her free-spirit attitude, is the perfect woman for Ty and his children? And can Ty teach Sam that there are men who can be trusted?

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A woman with dark hair has a back to the viewer. She wears a loose green sweater that reveals one shoulder. A man with a short blond beard is holding her.

Release Date: January 15, 2023

“…One becomes immersed in a deep and well-developed family who have struggled to function together after losing their parents, and trying to save the struggling family business. The reader is given an opportunity to see a unique perspectives on a familiar topic, which may also be a trigger for some – spousal abuse – in which the victim is the male partner. It is covered in a respectful and responsible way, and brings value to the story. “Stand” is worth reading, and it leaves a lasting impression.”
​—  In D’​Tale Magazine

“The story shows hardships of life from different aspects and the ways someone tries to deal with them, and resolve them, and grow past them in order to become the adult they truly want to be. It talks about responsibility and kindness and parentage with many examples through discussions and scenes of all the characters of this book.
I gave this book five cups because it deserves the attention and being read by people who can learn to be kind, or can learn to grow out of abusive relationships without blaming themselves. It talks about healing and finding love and growing more mature from all the experiences. It is a story worth reading not only once.” ​

​—  Christine Baely, Reviewer,  Coffee Time Romance & More


“This family just keeps getting better and better.” 

—  Veronica’s Reading Vault

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