TW: gaslighting, short discussion on self-harm

​She’s fought for independence for herself and her boys. Can she ever rely on a man again?

Thea Fielding just wants to fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming a teacher, and to be a better single mom to her two boys. After his wife and coworker cheated on him, Liam McConnell had to leave the teaching job he loved, and is only just clawing back his career.

Neither want to get involved again after their disastrous marriages, but from the moment they meet at an evening class, they can’t take their eyes off each other. To make things worse, Thea begins hosting a study group and the other members invite Liam.

​To cover their growing attraction, Thea and Liam are snarky to each other as often as possible. How long can they resist what everyone knows will happen? Can they get past their own histories to build a life together? And what happens when Thea’s ex shows up to take back his family?

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A woman in a red dress with a thin shoulder strap has her back to the viewer. A man with a short red beard is holding her, with his hand on her back.

Release Date: October 1, 2022

“Kimberley Ash knocks it out of the park with this one! I loved the fun and gritty reality of Thea being a single mom dealing with two sons, an old house and a troublesome ex. Once she and Liam fall for each other, they are all in, no matter what. I was rooting for them!”

 ​—  Author Jo McNally

“​I adore the friendship between Thea, Liam and their study group friends. Their camaraderie with these friends is relatable and their laugh out loud moments and funny banter is quite entertaining. Kimberley Ash has done a fantastic job with creating down to earth and relatable characters and I found this to be very delightful. There’s so much goodness in HOLD and Liam and Thea are more than deserving of an HEA. It also has a perfect blend of light hearted, emotional and endearing moments. The Fieldings are turning out to be a great family, I love their family interactions and dynamics and I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series.”​ 

​—  Veronica’s Reading Vault

“HOLD by Kimberley Ash is a well written contemporary romance of two people who struggle to make their way despite disappointments in both their professional and personal lives. Thea and Liam are both very likeable and relatable. The glimpse we get into Liam’s failed marriage and background shows his strong character. Thea’s desire for independence and devotion to her family makes her a strong female lead. Their friend, Chloe, is a very well-rounded supporting character, as are the other friends and family. Thea’s ex proves to be a good villain, especially when he returns to supposedly reclaim his family. He and Liam are excellent adversaries for Thea’s heart.”​​

—  In D’Tale Magazine

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