TW: Description of past assault; mugging.

After a traumatic attack back home, British expat Ellen Hunter has sworn off men, especially Kane Fielding, Boston blueblood and renowned playboy, who seems to change his girlfriends with his boxers. But her boss sends her to schmooze his company, and Ellen is shocked to find she can’t keep her mind—or her hands—off Kane.
Forced to helm his family’s business after his father’s tragic death, Kane happily sacrifices emotional intimacy—it’s a small price to pay for keeping what’s important to him private. Now someone is setting fire to his mills and he needs all his focus to keep the company on track. What he does not need right now is to fall for this English ice queen who wants to either kiss him, kick him, or run from him.
When the tabloids add his and Ellen’s budding relationship to the arson story, Ellen’s job, and her future in Boston, are put at risk. Kane will have to convince her that he is worth the hit to her career—before the flames of the arsonist consume everything they’ve worked for.

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A man with dark stubble looks at a blond woman. She is gripping his undone white shirt, showing his bare chest.

Release Date: June 5, 2022

“In the midst of the #MeToo movement and a lack of celebrity privacy, no romance could be more apropos for exploring these issues. Libraries should add this debut novel to their romance collection. ” ​— Library Journal

“A magnificent story about overcoming the past and embracing an unknown future to set oneself free. Kane and Ellen’s love story reveals how important truth and trust are for their relationship. Both characters have distinct differences in how their families affect their lives and how that affects their relationship. … The fun angle of solving the crime against Fielding Paper adds a broodiness to Kane and shows how deep his responsibilities go, helping to establish him as more than a playboy.” ​In D’Tale Magazine

“I loved these two together. They both have issues in their lives complicating it but I loved watching each fall for the other and start to rely on the other and share their secrets. I loved how they trusted each other and were there for the other.” ​Goodreads Reviewer

“I was honestly surprised this was a debut novel. I enjoyed it very much, and had a really hard time putting it down. […] I loved how Kane handled winning Ellen’s trust, though, of course, he fumbles a little as part of the culmination of the conflict they have to overcome.  That part read particularly real and was very raw, so much that I was sobbing while reading it.” ​Llama Reads Books

“Really fine story, nicely written prose and dialogue, very well edited, with likable, relatable characters. I enjoyed ‘Breathe,’ and definitely recommend it.” ​Amazon Reviewer



Original Released January 15, 2018 with Crimson Romance on E-book.

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