TW:  MH struggles, past SA, toxic parenting

“Megan,” he said, and she closed her eyes. She might have moaned as well. When she opened them, he was right there, right in front of her, his hand now cupping her upper arm. She could feel his breath on her suddenly dry lips. “What do you want?”

Megan Fielding is the fun, fashionable peacemaker of the Fielding siblings. Grateful for her older siblings’ commitment to her after the death of their parents, she’ll do whatever it takes to make them happy. Even ignore her own feelings of discontent.

Rejected by his family when he told them he wanted to be an actor, Alessandro Rosselli has gone far since he served Megan at her favorite Boston coffee house. The hottest actor in Hollywood, his light is dimmed by a scandal that threatens his career. Returning to his adopted hometown to lick his wounds and take part in a fundraiser,

Alessandro meets Megan again and finds he needs her skills to save the charity that means so much to him. But any kind of relationship is out of the question: Megan’s family has bad history with the press, and Alessandro needs publicity to fulfil his dreams. However, after a photo of them goes viral, Megan finds that she likes the limelight. And her background means she can control the narrative around her.

If they work together, they can each fulfil their dreams. But can the paparazzi be appeased with a few photos? Will Megan have to choose between her family and her career? Or will Alessandro’s fear of rejection stop him from exploring a relationship with this woman who is taking over his heart?


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A woman with dark hair and red lips, in a pale pink dress with a thin shoulder strap, has her back to the camera. She stands in front of a man with a short dark beard, a white shirt and an open navy blue double-breasted jacket.

Release Date: November 15, 2023

“Kimberley Ash has done it again! Twining a beautiful yet truthful love story, with the perfect last book to her Fieldings series. […] Ash writes things as they are, including the all too accessible mental health struggles that come from being more concerned about other’s expectations than our own. Burnout, anxiety, unhealed traumas all are present in her books, bringing a relatability to her characters that makes you root for them even more. And their story reminds us that, those we are meant to love don’t just give us joy but are there to help push us and support us to grow, heal, and become better versions of ourselves.” 

​—  Goodreads Reviewer

“I enjoyed reading this book and following Megan and Alessandro’s story. They way it was written I was able to be introduced to the other characters since I haven’t read the other stories and enjoying the bond between Megan and her family.” 

—  Amazon Reviewer

“Heartbreaking and inspired.”

​—  Amazon Reviewer

“Loved how this was written and the flow of the book.

​—  Amazon Reviewer


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One of the funnest things about writing RISE was researching and dreaming about Megan and Alessandro’s beautiful clothes. Check out my Pinterest board to find out what they’re wearing!

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